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Article: How Kanye West's Yeezy Brand Is Leading Sneaker Innovation

How Kanye West's Yeezy Brand Is Leading Sneaker Innovation

How Kanye West's Yeezy Brand Is Leading Sneaker Innovation

By Jagveer Chahill - Author/Editor

Kanye has always stood out from the crowd...

Over the last decade the sneaker community has witnessed a handful of designers make meaningful impact with their work.

(Photo credit: Kanye West PR)

From the likes of Fragment and their high profile collaborations with Nike to more recently, Travis Scott. These collaborations and releases have all left their footprint in the market and amongst collectors.

The work of Kanye both musically and in design has arguably done more than just left a footprint, instead it has shifted visions of brands and other designers around the world. He has managed to stand out in an overcrowded industry and apply a niche aesthetic to his output of products.

Over the last 10 years, Yeezy Brand has consistently displayed innovation in fashion and shoes and with his music legacy it has helped him to change the way we look at both. He has become a figure which many look towards due to his influence on footwear and style.

The infamous rapper, turned fashion designer has managed to incorporate futuristic features into his shoes whilst keeping silhouettes rather minimalistic. He is often remembered in good memory for his stint at Nike, perhaps creating one of the most defining shoes in the industry of all time with the Nike Air Yeezy 2, before migrating to Adidas who let his creativity free. 

 (Photo credit: Nike News)


Initially the Yeezy Brand created whilst at Adidas was incredibly successful with thousands lining up for the original 350, the silhouette sent waves through the market, praised for being a simple yet good looking pair which possessed an upper made of one piece.

The simple nature of his first releases can still be seen today. Both the Foam Runner and Yeezy slide took the community by storm because of their aesthetic. Initially met with a mixed reaction, it is now common to see both pairs receive a lot of love from people and they are quick to sell out. Whether you love or hate them, we have to acknowledge the sheer distinctiveness  of what he is putting out. 

Although the relevancy of Yeezy Brand has been questioned in the past few years, Kanye has always found a way to get back into the spotlight. 2022 has seen Yeezy Brand put out some quality releases, from the various colourways of slides to the 'Dazzling blue' 350 V2s there has been something for everyone!

The brand seems to be pushing a futuristic alien aesthetic. I'm all here for it, its something unique and fresh. How do you rate the new aesthetic from the brand?


Nevertheless, Kanye has come back into the spotlight following allegations that Adidas who he is partnered with, was essentially copying many of his own designs, most recently with the Adilette slides.

This sparked discussions and debates all over social media with many siding with the designer. Sadly this is not uncommon within the industry.

The same situation is present at Nike with the brand releasing similar colourways to high profile Jordan 1s on the Jordan 1 Mid silhouette, and even going as far as to create a new silhouette named the 'Waffle One' which draws a lot of similarities to the Sacai LDV Waffle release.

(Photo Credit: Pop Crave)

This begs the question, should this even be allowed? Many of us appreciate the work and effort that goes into creating a new silhouette, especially with Yeezy Brand as new silhouettes tend to be unique and never seen before ideas. Are Adidas throwing partnerships away by 'stealing' elements and ideas? 

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see what comes out of this situation, as Kanye is very vocal in his opinions and thoughts. What do you think of the whole situation between Adidas and Kanye involving his designs? Could this be Adidas pushing back after Kanye has publicly voiced his desire to work with Jordan Brand...


Shifting focus, August is on the horizon, Yeezy day is on the way! There is a lot of buzz surrounding the infamous day this year as the OG 350 Turtle Doves will be re-releasing along with a lineup consisting of the 'Static' 700 V2s and the 'Utility Black' 450s. Have you got any excitement for Yeezy Day this year? There are lots of releases that have definitely made an impact and statement over the years that people in the community have been chasing and will be now be getting a re-release! 

(Photo Credit: Nice Kicks)

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