Will the LED V2 crates fit on top of the V1 shoe crates?

Yes, all versions of our crates are designed to interlock with each other.

 Will the LED light inside the crate damage my shoes?

No. During the product testing phase, we conducted many tests between different lighting options to see what damage was caused to various shoes with different materials. Our LED lights have been tried and tested against all materials to ensure your shoes are safe and no damage of any kind will take place.

 How do the LED V2 crates power up?

To light up the LED V2 crates, you must have a micro-USB power connection. You can buy one directly from our website that plugs into your outlet.

Do I need one power connection for each crate?

No, one power adapter can power up to 10 crates. Each crate connects automatically when you stack them on top of each other. Alternatively, if you would prefer to stack them side by side, you connect them together with the integrated micro-USB connection.

 Will my high-tops fit in this?

Yes, you can stand your high-top shoes just the same you would with your low shoes.

Will my size 12’s fit?

Yes, all of our crates will fit up to a UK13/US14

Can my shoes breathe in the crates?

Yes, we have small, hidden openings in the crates to prevent dust, yet allow your shoes to breathe so the don’t become dry.

 Are they easy to build?

Once you get the hang of it, each crate can be built within 20 second

What is the sticker used for on the front of the crate?

This is an optional sticker you can use to help organise your shoes better. You can write the size, style code, and other bits of information to help get a quicker visual of which shoe you’re looking for. This is especially helpful when you have multiple pairs of the same shoe but maybe a different size, or different year.

How many crates can I stack on each other?

What are the dimensions on each crates?


Can the crates topple over if stacked too high?

As long as the crates are placed on a flat surface, they will not topple over. The crates have an interlocking system when stacked on top of each other to prevent this.

How durable are the crates?

All of our crates are designed to be extremely durable and can hold up to 100kg of weight!

The website only lets me buy 50 crates, but I need more. How do I do this?

If you need more than 50 crates, email us at sales@sneakspply.com