SNEAK STACK: The Launch Of Our New White Crates

SNEAK STACK: The Launch Of Our New White Crates

By Jagveer Chahill - Author/Editor

The design team behind SNEAK STACK have been hard at work on a new product...we are incredibly excited to bring to you the launch of our new white SNEAK STACK crates, be sure to let us know what you think and share your collection featuring SNEAK STACK crates through our socials!


Featuring SNEAK STACK branding on each side, our crates will now be available in a sleek white option. They are sure to brighten up your room, complimenting white shelving and furniture, giving your collection a modern look.

Our crates give you the best way of displaying those grail pairs that you treasure the most whilst keeping them protected. They have a big window allowing you to easily see what pair you have on display and protected, in addition they get rid of an issue that plagues the community, damaged boxes!

Many collectors face the issue of crushed or damaged boxes as they stack their pairs in their respective boxes. SNEAK STACK crates gets rid of this infamous problem, keeping your original boxes safe and sound. 


Our SNEAK STACK crates are perfect for any pair, whether that be Jordan 1 Highs or Air Max 1s, you can be assured that each pair will fit comfortably into the crate (up to a size UK13), which can then be stacked on top of each other, creating a stunning display!

Each crate features a magnet lock on the door, making them easy to open yet secure that you don't have to worry about a crate opening by itself. You can also personalise each crate with the included shoe label sticker allowing you to write what pair is in each crate and also what size it is, adding some depth to your display.

Our design team worked incredibly hard to developing the SNEAK STACK crates to ensure they are water resistant and provide protection against dust and importantly UV light.


The SNEAK STACK crates are of premium quality, whilst being easy to build! They consist of flexible PP material, this is far beyond the quality of other crates on the market which use a cheap plastic which are not water resistant, nor do they provide sufficient protection against dust or UV light.

By using a higher quality material the design team has been able to produce a crate which can be stacked on top of each other without becoming unstable, this means there is no fear of your collection being damaged if you decide to stack high, unlike other offerings available.

Through using a magnet lock on the door of our crates we have eliminated the chance that the door can snap or become loose which is an issue with other sneaker crates on the market. A SNEAK STACK crate can be built in under 15 seconds, making sure you can get your collection on display in no time!

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