Moncler launches limited edition 3D-printed version of Trailgrip sneaker

Moncler launches limited edition 3D-printed version of Trailgrip sneaker

Monclers Trailgrip shoe is now available in a 3D-printed version with the Swiss luxury outdoor clothing specialist having partnered with 3D-printing technology specialist Zellerfeld on the project. 

The limited-edition version of the signature Trailgrip sneaker is constructed using a single material. The mono-material design “not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also offers significant environmental benefits,” we’re told.  

The material is recyclable, “aligning with Moncler's commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness”. 

It’s Moncler’s first venture into 3D printing with Zellerfeld CEO Cornelius Schmitt saying: “This collaboration serves as a monumental moment for the footwear industry and further underscores the significant shift brands are taking to break away from the conventional factory manufacturing process. Luxury fashion houses like Moncler are driving the future of fashion by embracing 3D printing production models as the new standard.” 

The sneaker is being presented in Paris during the new edition of Studio Ascenti, Moncler’s open-format experiential footwear showroom that focuses on its most innovative designs.  
And it has a product laboratory area that’s designed to “explore parallels between natural elements and seasonal style, where the Zellerfeld-produced shoe will be displayed alongside Moncler’s upcoming sneaker collabs with Adidas Originals and Salehe Bembury”.

This limited edition Trailgrip 3D won’t have a wide release as it will be exclusively reserved for members of Moncler’s global footwear community, who’ve also been invited attend the showroom preview for an exclusive look at what’s to come from the brand. 
But Zellerfeld said a 3D-printed Moncler offering “may be on the horizon” for wider distribution.   

Images courtesy of Zellerfeld.  

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