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Lorenz.OG is working on a Salomon ACS Pro Advanced and a Nike Air Max 95

Back in April, St. Albans-based artist Lorenz.OG and Salomon teamed...
Lorenz.OG is working on a Salomon ACS Pro Advanced and a Nike Air Max 95

Back in April, St. Albans-based artist Lorenz.OG and Salomon teamed up for the first time ever to take on the ACS+ OG. Inspired by dusk (the magic of nature!), the collab came in his signature soft pastels, and sold exclusively at a special launch event in Paris. Now, four months later, and it looks like there's a second coming as GQ can give you an exclusive first look at the Lorenz.OG x Salomon ACS Pro Advanced. 


“These ACS Pros are two samples I've been working on,” Lorenz.OG (real name Lorenzo Federici) tells GQ. “I've been working on many Salomon sneakers since the pop-up last April. They've been great in supporting my creative vision and allowing me to explore possibilities on some of their most iconic silhouettes by experimenting with different colour combinations.” 

Revealed in two colourways, the first ACS Pro Advanced features a palette that fades from lilac to blue, while the second one falls more in line with the ACS+ OG that launched earlier this year. Both trainers are fitted with in-house Kurim tech for extra support, and padded midsoles are made to tackle all the mountain peaks they probably won't see. They're also equipped with Salomon's signature Quicklace lacing system so you can tighten and loosen them while on the go. 



Hype surrounding Lorenz.OG's work has reached boiling point. Once a small time artist who dyed shoes just for fun, over the years, his signature pastel pieces slowly caught the attention of fashion's elite. The late Virgil Abloh was famously a huge fan of his work, offering a lot of advice and guidance on how to take the brand to the next level. 

When (or if) the Lorenz.OG x Salomon ACS Pro Advanced will drop has yet to be officially confirmed, but he's also taking this opportunity to announce another major collab that's actually launching incredibly soon. 


“I'm working on a pair of Nike Air Max 95s, and it's been one of my favourite projects that I've ever worked on.” says Lorenz.OG. “These will be get a wider (yet very limited) release this autumn. Lil Yachty is the first to get the final version and it's so sick for me to see someone like him put a pair on foot and feel genuine excitement. That's the feeling I was chasing when I first started doing what I do.” 

“These AM95s will be releasing exclusively in the UK and will be limited to just 95 pairs. This will be my first IRL release, as well as my first drop where my supporters can pick up a pair for a standard RRP. This is a very exciting collab and one that I'm really looking forward to.” 

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