by Alex Mullins

SNEAK SPPLY: Introducing the STACK V1

Introducing Sneak Spply Stacks - find out all about them....
SNEAK SPPLY: Introducing the STACK V1

The manufacturing team here at SNEAK SPPLY worked tirelessly to produce the best sneaker crates on the market.

We really wanted to deliver a premium product that would outweigh any competitor, and we proved this through vigorous testing during the production phase. 

We set out 3 key issues with most other crates on the market and decided to tackle. These issues being:

  1. Not being able to stand your high tops up right inside the crates.
  2. Not being able to display your shoes when stored in the crates.
  3. Overall poor quality, I.e. poor UV resistance, cheap plastic prone to shattering, fragile doors.

We designed a product that combats all of these issues, and brought you STACK V1..

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