Palace Announce Collaboration That No-One Expected

Palace Announce Collaboration That No-One Expected

Skate brand, Palace, are well known for their fair share of collaborations with a vast variety of brands. However, they may have just announced their craziest yet!

Palace recently announced their next partnership with UGG, known for their fluffy boots and winter wear. UGG recently enjoyed a lot of success with their Ultra Mini Boot, which flooded the resale market with people asking for upwards of 3x its original retail price.

With Palace also known for its items to sell for more on the resale market, this could be great timing for the brands! Although, it's still left many people scratching their heads!

Palace released and image of the famous UGG boot it its iconic tan colourway, with 'PALACE' outlined on the back, doubled with lightening graphics that surround the shoe.

Usually known for a winter boot, the shoe was previewed on a model wearing jean shorts, which could suggest a summer release.

What do we think of these? Are they going to storm the markets?


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