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NIKE Sues BAPE For Copying Iconic Designs

Find out why Nike are suing BAPE over their iconic designs...
NIKE Sues BAPE For Copying Iconic Designs

For years, people have compared may BAPE designs to those of Nike's iconic silhouettes, with more than a few similarities between certain pairs.

It appears now that Nike finally agree and have decided to file a lawsuit against the Japanese streetwear brand.

According to Reuters, Nike's federal court lawsuit filing accused BAPE of trademark infringement on the Nike Air Force 1, Dunk and Air Jordan 1, and claimed that BAPE's entire footwear business 2revolves around copying Nike's iconic designs".

A bold claim, but one that most would find hard to disagree with. The document also named other BAPE footwear products that closely resemble other Nike designs.

                                                                              Image via U.S. District Court


Nike claim that BAPE has been infringing on Nike's intellectual property since 2005. Another quote from the claim read that " BAPE's copying is and always has been unacceptable to Nike, and because BAPE's infringements have recently grown to become a significant danger to Nike's rights, Nike must act now". 

Nike also claim that BAPE's designs would cause confusion amongst potential customers.

Nike have demanded that BAPE should stop selling shoes, and requested an unspecified amount in damages.

It'll certainly be interesting to see what people think around the future of BAPE's footwear, would this make you more or less likely to follow & buy the Japanese streetwear brand? The jury remains out on that one.....

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