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Nike SNKRS Day 2023: What you need to know

Ever since its establishment in the 1960s, Nike has consistently pu...
Nike SNKRS Day 2023: What you need to know

Ever since its establishment in the 1960s, Nike has consistently pushed boundaries in terms of technological advancement. In 2015, the renowned company from Oregon addressed challenges associated with limited-edition sneaker releases – addressing issues like automated purchasing programs and checkout complications – through the introduction of the Nike SNKRS app. This digital platform transformed the way we engage in sneaker shopping. 

Annually, during the summer, Nike celebrates both the app itself and the community it has nurtured through an event called SNKRS Day. As we approach SNKRS Day 2023, which marks the first global edition of this event, we provide a guide on how you can participate and be a part of the excitement. 

What is SNKRS day and when is it? 

If you’re new to the sneaker community, or have been living under a rock, the Nike SNKRS day is an annual one day event which takes place exclusively on the Nike SNKRS app. It brings together the sneaker community through special edition sneaker releases, live discussions, apparel drops as well as musical performances and more.  

Usually taking place in August, the event will be hosted on Saturday the 9th of September this year. Rumours have it that Nike will make this the best event yet.  

How to participate in Nike SNKRS Day  

To participate in Nike SNKRS Day 2023, all one must do is open up the SNKRS app on their smart device and keep an eye out for sneaker drops, scavenger hunt clues, live transmissions etc., not only on the main feed but on all of the tabs across the app. 

You can already check out local interviews conducted in celebration of SNKRS Day 2023 in the SNKRS app. On the UK version of the app, one can currently discover interviews with the founders of BeauBeaus and Greater Goods as part of the Visionaries series, as well as a short interview with musician Dexter as part of the SNKRS Style series. 

When was the first Nike SNKRS Day? 

The Nike SNKRS app was introduced on August 8, 2017, across nineteen European nations, which encompassed the United Kingdom. During its initial weeks, a multitude of highly desired sneakers were replenished to commemorate this occasion. A year down the line, Nike celebrated the app's inaugural anniversary by reintroducing sought-after shoe releases. Subsequently, in 2019, Nike formally designated this yearly occurrence as SNKRS Day. 

What trainers are dropping on Nike SNKRS Day 2023? 

Nike Air Max 1 '86 'World Make Korea' 

The Nike Air Max 1 '86 – the true OG Air Max silhouette, re-introduced to the world on Nike Air Max Day '23 via the Big Bubble drop – receives a Korean makeover as part of the World Make collection dropping on the first ever global SNKRS Day. 

Nike Air Max 1 '86 'World Make Korea'

Air Jordan 1 'World Make Japan' 

The World Make collection's Japan shoe is an Air Jordan 1 Low enriched by denim panels on the upper that are decorated with Sashiko-inspired embroidery, and a yellowed midsole that affords the design a vintage look. 

 Air Jordan 1 'World Make Japan'

Air Max Plus 'Pure Platinum' 

The ever-popular Air Max Plus goes platinum for SNKRS Day '23, harmonised with a soft cream hue on the upper tongue, the lower upper, the mid midsole and the heel. 


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