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Article: PROTECT - It's Worth The Hype

PROTECT - It's Worth The Hype

PROTECT - It's Worth The Hype

Our PROTECT spray has hit the shelves & is already causing a stir in the sneaker community for its' results.

Keeping your treasured and sometimes rare and collectable sneaks protected is paramount for any sneakerhead.

Here at Sneak Spply we reckon we've hit the mark with the highest performing protection spray on the market.

Don't just take our word for it! 

@d7nyb says:

"When packing for a trip this summer make sure you keep the heat on feet protected using @sneak_spply Premium Protection Spray."


@rupertchaplin is LOVING it:

"Summer’s nearly here but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your kicks looking fresh for as long as possible 👟

@sneak_spply are dropping their brand new protection spray tomorrow that is a must have for anyone wanting to prevent those dirt and water marks ruining their shoes!"


@jah.bong thinks:

"Summer is just around the corner but weather is still making sneakerheads sweat everytime the rain 🌧️ pours unexpectedly. The @sneak_spply said no problemo!!

@indianreadhead can't wait for summer:

"This summer, I may not use any spf on myself BUT I do love protecting my sneakers.Thank you @sneak_spply for helping me do that.!"

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