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Article: Community Spotlight: In Conversation With @Bboylaspin

Community Spotlight: In Conversation With @Bboylaspin

Community Spotlight: In Conversation With @Bboylaspin

In anticipation for the upcoming 'AIR' movie, we sat down with Lars Frind otherwise know as "Bboylaspin" who boasts one of the largest collections of Jordans in Europe!

With a whopping 818 pairs, we discuss where it all started for him, and dig a little deeper into his collection!

Q: How long have you been collecting shoes for and how did it all start?

A: My passion started in 1995 in my youth, with basketball and the basketball Player Michael. I was originally a fan of Orlando Magic but after I saw his first game, I was totally overwhelmed about him and from then I was a massive Michael Jordan fan!  I played basketball in the OG Aqua 8's. Concord 11's and Playoff 12's, and had started collecting the 08 Jordans. 

Q: Do you collect any shoes other than Jordans? What makes Jordans so
special to you?

A: I only collect Jordans 1-13 because they bring back memories for me! Michael Jordan was my idol growing up so I stay 💯 true to them and don't follow all the other hype or sneaker trends. 

Q: Name your top 3 Jordan silhouettes in order?

A: That's a hard question because I love all Jordan 1-13 but I'll start with the Jordan 11. The Concord 11 was the start of my passion and probably next would be the Jordan 5. At the moment I own 102 Pairs of 5s and a one-of-one bespoke Bboylaspin Vegtan Tie Dye Handmade by my Bro Lars Trucks. My final choice would be the all-time Classic Jordan 1. My favorite OG colourway is the Chicago and at the Moment I own 216 Pairs of 1s. 

Q: It’s quite infamous that most people stop collecting after the Jordan 14.
Do you only collect up to a certain number, or is it more the merrier?

A: That's the truth, I only collect Jordan 1-13. I know the 3 Games in the Jordan 14 and the story behind "the last shot" but I don't feel this is the genuine Jordans.

Q: Name your top 3 brands, and silhouettes that aren’t Jordan Brand?

A: I only ever wear Jordans, I would never wear anything else on my feet, behind them it would have to be Nike, I am 100% brand loyal!

Q: You have a whopping 818 pairs of Jordan’s (congrats by the way!), a lot of people will wonder where you store them all?!

A: We moved about two years ago, with the collection that I have, I have a dedicated Jordan room. I built my own shelves for about 900 pairs to display them all, it's especially good as I can also use it as a unique location for my Instagram posts and currently for my TikTok Live streams. 

Q: What’s the most important trait with a Jordan shoe that will make you want to add it to your collection: age, story, aesthetic, materials, hype? Or do you just buy every single release?

A: First of all, OG counts above everything and of course the story behind it but I also love Jordan 1-13 with different colourways and also collaborations.

Q: What’s more exciting for you, a retro of an OG colourway, or a new collaboration?

A: OG colourway over all, because of the Jordan history and OG Heat to Rock without fear. I hope the Jordan brand will be released finally in the Militäry Blue 4 with the white infrared and sports blue and also the grape and fire red with black tongue.  

Q: What’s the oldest pair of Jordans you own?

A: The oldest pair in my Collection is the OG 1993 Playoff 8, but it is falling apart more and more in my showcase, the most Jordans I own are around 2000 as I wear all my Jordan shoes on a daily basis.

Q: What’s the 3 rarest pairs of Jordan’s you own?

A: This is a good and hard question! Firstly, I am not rich and worked hard to build my collection with my main job as a Store Manager at Snipes & as a breakdancing coach. I'm happy to own all the Jordan Bin, all the Jordan 1-13's and a lot of US only releases, especially as a European Jordan collector.

Q: What’s the most valuable pair of Jordans you own?

A: I collect and wear Jordan shoes because of the story behind them, without value or hype. But some of the JS that are most valuable in my collection are the 'Off White Chicago' and the 'Europe NRP, RIP Virgil Abloh'.

Q: Which pair of Jordans hold the most sentimental value to you, and why?

A: It would have to be the Concord 11 over all I'd say! My love for the Jordan shoes all started with this shoe in 1995 and I remember saving all my hard-earned pocket money to buy them. I still remember the commercial when Jordan flew in the Concord 11 to the 100m basketball hoop and scored a dunk!

Q: What was the first ever, and last ever pair of Jordans you purchased?

A: My first Jordan was the Aqua 8 OG at my youth and the last pair I purchased was the Jordan 2 WMNS CW Craft.

Q: Which Jordan is currently the highest on your list that you currently do not own?

A: My Holy Grail are the 2011 only Asia Release Tokyo 5. The Jordan I most miss in my collection are from 2018. I had a break because a good friend of mine, a big collector from the States was stopping / getting rid of his collection and I managed to get some extremely rare and older Jordans for my collection. I'd love to have both the Union 1's & the Solefly 1 - both are at the top of my wishlist!

Q: We recently saw the collaboration between Jordan Brand and Nike SB: What were your thoughts on this, and would you like to see more Nike SB collabs?

A: I love this collab, I own all 5 Jordan 1 SB and the Pine Green SB4 was also a must! They were my first resell shoe in 2023 but I am extremely happy to own them in my collection. The colourway & quality of them are sublime and I can't wait for the next Jordan 4s SB colourways!

Q: Finally, where can people find your collection?

A: I have been sharing my collection and my passion on social media since 2013 on Instragram. You can find me at 'Bboylaspin' and I'll show you around my world and my passion for my Jordan collection. You can also find me on TikTok @AJ23_endless_love or on Facebook @Lars Frind.

My last words for all sneakerheads:

Love For The Game, No Hate

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