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Article: Community Spotlight - The Doubled Up Podcast

Community Spotlight - The Doubled Up Podcast

Community Spotlight - The Doubled Up Podcast

On this week's Community Spotlight we sat down with Matt & Scott who are the founders & brains behind the @doubleduppodcast

Q: So first off tell us a little about yourselves?

Matt: I'm Matt (@matt_sibley_), I live in London and have done for just over five years. A fun fact about me I guess is that I born on 'Pancake Day'. I grew up in Basingstoke which is where the love for shoes started, but 'collecting' kicked off for me back in 2018. I am one half of, and the creative genius behind, the 'Doubled Up Podcast' - I hope you are already looking us up whilst reading this!

Scott: I'm Scott (@sneakerteacher) and have been collecting shoes for over 10 years now. That unhealthy habit has led to me doing a sneaker podcast for nearly three years and can claim to be the less professional half of 'The Doubled Up Podcast'.

Q: What is is that introduced you to the world of sneakers, and what made you start collecting?

Matt: It's a cliche to say but shoes have always mattered. My earliest introduction to someone owning multiple pairs of shoes was my dad. I have a very distinct memory of walking into the living room and seeing him cleaning, what seemed like at the time, Adidas Superstars in every colour imaginable. As a kid I thought that was pretty cool, and from that moment I NEEDED cool shoes ALWAYS!

As mentioned before, collecting as I know it now didn't start until about 108. I have always had a small rotation of shoes, but 2018 was when I decided to actually put time into it. That thought came about after booking a trip for my girlfriend and I to go to Florida. Booking the trip got me thinking about the holidays I had been on when I was in secondary school and buying shoes that no other kid had (which was REALLY important back then). As soon as those memories came rushing back it opened up Pandora's box for me.

Scott: I'd noticed different groups of kids at school wearing different pairs, like Air Max, but never really cared much for them. It was only really when the football lads would come into work on their way to an away day that I really got an appreciation for shoes. They spoke so passionately about their sueded adidas it was hard not to be interested. I then started using some of the money I'd earnt at work to buy pairs and then I caught the bug. It continued with adidas for a long time but then started looking into the Nike pairs I'd ignored for so long, then Jordan, then New Balance, then everything else! It was really the passion shown from others that really got me hooked. 

Q: What types of shoes do you guys tend to collect?

Matt: Looking at the rotation now it is mostly runners, but there have been some terrace shoes and dunks creeping back into the collection recently. In general, I collect what I like at the time. I am passionate about sneakers, enough to spend hours every week talking about them on the internet, but they are fashion to me. Whatever my style is at the time, that is what is in the collection. I also have a VERY addictive and obsessive personality, so I often purge the stuff I am not wearing to fund what I want to wear. For example, a few years back I thought Adidas ZX were the greatest shoes ever. Now, I still have a few pairs in the collection, but when I jumped on the New Balance bus the majority of ZX I had got replaced with 920s, 990s, 1300s and other NB models. At the moment I am loving the terrace scene like a lot of other people right now, so don't be surprised if some pairs get replaced with Sambas really soon...especially when those Consortium Cup pairs release. 

Scott: Anything and everything. If it's good, I'll buy it. And occasionally even if it's bad, I'll still buy it. It started with adidas terrace shoes, moved in to Nike and back to adidas and New Balance. Certainly these days I tend to pick up more runners than anything else.

Q: What is the most important factor when deciding whether to purchase sneaker? 

Matt: Going back to what I mentioned before, it has to be the look of a shoe. It can be 1/100 pairs and be made of the most premium suedes and leathers, but if I look daft wearing them then why bother buying them?

Scott: Looks first. It has to look good or catch my eye for me to want it. However, anyone that listens to the pod knows comfort and materials are a big factor for me. I don't care if it's hyped, a collab or GR. If it's a good shoe it's a good shoe but certainly I need it to be comfy and practical materials. The amount of rain in this country, a white suede shoe just doesn't work. 

Q: What's your top 3 sneaker brands in order?

Matt: On the day of writing this I'd say:

  1. New Balance 
  2. Adidas
  3. Nike

Ask me tomorrow and my answer will be totally different. I am a serial U-turner!

Scott: That's a tough one! Overall in recent years I'd say New Balance, Nike Adidas but this year I'd say:

  1. Adidas
  2. Nike
  3. New Balance

Q: What’s your top 3 silhouettes across all brands?

Matt: New Balance 920, Nike Air Max 180, Nike Air Max 1

Scott: Air Max 1, Adidas Zx8000, Jordan 1

Air Max 180 “Bacon”

Q: Let’s dig a little deeper into your collections now; name the oldest, and newest pair in your collection?

Matt: Oldest pair is Nike Air Max 1 ‘Dark Olive/Medium Loden’ 2013. Newest pair is Size? Exclusive Adidas BC Trainer Seaside Series ‘Brighton’ and ‘Blackpool’

Scott: Oldest pair would be the Saucony Shadow 6000 life on Mars. Newest pair is the Air Max 86 OG Big Bubble.

Saucony “life on mars”

Q: What’s your favourite shoe that you own and why?

Matt: Patta x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Monarch’. For me that is my favourite shoe EVER. I know some people might find it weird saying a shoe that was released so recently is your favourite of all time, but I cannot think of a more perfect shoe. They look AMAZING, the change in paneling is so cool, the inspiration behind the whole pack is brilliant…they are the perfect shoe to me.

Air Max 1 x Patta “Monarch”

Scott: That's like picking your favourite child! That said, The paisley dunk is the only shoe I've ever Doubled Up on, so I guess that would have to take the crown but there's a lot that could come close!

 Nike SB Dunk “Paisley”

Q: What’s the rarest shoe in your collection?

Matt: Without saying a similar answer to what Scott will inevitably give, my rarest pair at this point is probably my oldest pair mentioned earlier. Nike Air Max 1 ‘Dark Olive/Medium Loden’. At the time I got them, they weren’t rare at all. They went on sale in every Office across the country. But a GR from 10 years ago is something you will not see on anyone else's foot.

Scott: Adidas forum x LORENZ.OG *DUSK*. One of one. A special pair for me and one of my most beautiful.

Lorenz OG

Q: What pair holds the most sentimental value to you and why?

Matt: I am starting to sound like a broken record using the same shoe for a third time now, but it has to be the Air Max I mentioned in the last question. My girlfriend brought me those for our first anniversary, and they were the first big present she ever bought me. Last year we celebrated 10 years together! I don’t care how beat up they get, how many times I need to replace the sole in the future, they will always be treasured in the collection.

I have other shoes that are special for many different reasons. Mostly connected to the podcast and the relationships we have made throughout, but those Air Max are personal to me.

Air Max 1 Olive

Scott: For the podcast it has to be the Adidas ZX8000 Hanami. It's what sparked our first conversation and really what started this whole thing. 

Personally, the Air Jordan 1 Co.Jp midnight navy. Wore them on my wedding day and will never leave the collection.

Air Jordan 1

Q: What shoe is your all-time grail?

Matt: This is something I don’t put much thought into. I don’t necessarily have one grail of all grails, but there are a few pairs I would love to own. Bape x Undefeated x Adidas ZX5000, Undefeated x Adidas ZX8000, ALD x New Balance 827, Size? Exclusive Nike Air Lunar 180…I am missing loads but these are off the top of my head.

Scott: I don't like using the word grail really but if there was one pair that is always top of the list it's the Sean Wotherspoon 97/1. Missed on release and will probably never own due to the price.

Q: What pair is next on your list?

Matt: 2023 will be an all time quiet year for me, I have some fun non-sneaker things I have to pay for. I cannot wait for the Consortium Cup pairs to release from Adidas later this year. That tournament was one of the coolest things in recent memory so I need a few of the winning pairs.

Scott: To be honest there's not much that's caught my eye recently. I'm always on the lookout for a steal but in terms of new releases, nothing really.

Q: Now let’s talk about the podcast. Tell us about how the Doubled Up Podcast started?

Matt: There are three things that together helped create the Doubled Up Podcast. 1) The Adidas ZX8000 ‘Hanami’ 2) COVID-19 3) My boredom. 

Scott and I got connected via Instagram in 2020 after I saw a mutual friend of ours had reposted Scott’s pic of the Adidas ZX8000 ‘Hanami’. I had just bought the shoe so I followed Scott and we started chatting. Casual chatting turned into daily conversations about shoes, and after it was announced we were going into a second lockdown after summer I wanted to do something to keep me from getting bored senseless. I love listening to podcasts and had thought of starting one for a while but never had a set idea for a format. One day I thought “I talk to this guy every day about shoes, why don’t we just record our conversations and make a podcast”. That is basically how it happened! 

What always surprises people about the start of the podcast is how little time we had known each other before committing to doing it. I had been chatting to Scott for less than 6 months via DM and on the day I asked him about the idea, I didn’t even know his name. He had been @_sneakerteacher to me the whole time. Realistically the idea could have gone one of two ways. But we haven’t killed each other yet, and the podcast has been going for nearly 3 years so we must be doing something right!

Scott: Some random guy on Instagram told me he was bored and wanted to start a podcast to keep him occupied and for some reason I said yes. Don't know who that says more about to be honest.

Q: What can listeners and subscribers expect when they listen to the podcast?

Matt: We have a general format to the episodes which touches on news, releases, Q&As, games and the occasional guest interview. Really what you can expect though is two idiots having a laugh and talking about something we both love! Some weeks you might listen and hear us make a fool of ourselves, some weeks you might hear us argue, but every week I guarantee you will hear us talk passionately about sneakers.

Scott: I would say trainers but that varies. We spent 10 mins talking about discount pastries last week so who knows! 

We spend time talking about our latest pickups, give our take on this week's sneaker news and upcoming releases, looking at the good, the bad and the underrated. We also trawl through the Interweb to find the best shoes available in the sales that week, and Matt finally likes to torture me with whatever mad game he has come up with this week.

Q:  What’s the best and worst thing about running a weekly sneaker podcast?

Matt: There isn’t one best thing, there are many amazing things!

The biggest thing personally is the relationships we have made doing the podcast. We wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t for the friendships that have occurred because of interacting with other like minded people through a weekly podcast. 

In regards to actually creating and recording episodes each week, it has to just be the stupidness of it all. We talk so much rubbish, and have a proper laugh every week. It’s like having a chat with your mate at the pub, but that chat gets recorded, goes on the internet, and other people spend their precious time listening to us waffle on. That to me is amazing!

The worst part is having to post about our episodes every week on social media…I am RUBBISH at keeping on top of social media!

Scott: The best thing is being able to talk about something we love and having fun with it. We don't take it too seriously because at the end of the day, they're shoes!

The worst thing... oohh... probably having to talk about Nike suing someone every week. Gets a bit boring after a while to be honest.

Q:  Have you got any advice for anyone looking to start a podcast of their own?

Matt: Whenever I am asked this I always give the same answer. 

A previous guest Jacques Slade once told us, if you want to create a specific type of content because you think it would be cool, there is a big chance someone else will find it cool too. So if there is something you want to create, create it because someone in the world wants to listen to it!

Scott: Enjoy it. If you want to talk about something you love, chances are there are other people that want to listen. Don't worry about numbers and stats, if you enjoy talking about it then that's all that matters.

Q: Where can we find the podcast and to follow you guys on socials?

A: New episodes drop every Monday morning and are available across all audio platforms!

Follow @doubleduppodcast on IG

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